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Release Note: Youtube integration
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Release Note: Youtube integration

Newsbridge Content Team        
May 14, 2020

YouTube integration

In an effort to continuously promote workflow ease-of-use and shorten your publication times, we’ve developed an integration to send your video assets directly to your YouTube channel.

Send your video directly to YouTube from your Newsbridge MAM & production platform.

Check the process out on video

Step by step

1/ 💬 Contact our support team via chat or email to configure your YouTube channel on your Newsbridge workspace.

2/ 🛒 Then, once the configuration is done, simply add the desired asset (entire media or selected clips from one or several media assets) to your cart.

3/ Be sure to add any additional labels to your video by clicking on the ‘labels’ icon, which will be automatically transferred as tags.

4/ 🚚 Go to your cart and click on the “Export” button.

5/ 🏁 Select the “Send to YouTube” delivery option and click on “Start” to begin the upload process to your channel.

6/ ✅ Your file is now under the “Carts” section and you can see it processing. Once the green bar titled “Send to YouTube” is 100% complete you are all done!

7/ 📺 Go to your YouTube channel account, and retrieve the media under the “Videos” section in private mode ready to be published.

Hope you will enjoy this new release!

As usual, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback.

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