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Search Engine

Searching through petabytes of archives in milliseconds.

Our search engine was built to make sense of your powerful metadata.

In this era of big data, media assets - unlike plain text - need extra layers of indexing. Our next-level search engine is specifically designed to make finding a photo, video or audio clip an easy task.

Find exact sequences, not just files

You're more likely to be looking for a specific piece of footage than the possibly hours-long video file. With Newsbridge's search engine, you can find the exact clip you need in just a few seconds. We're basically the magnet for your needle in a haystack.

Search through live streams

You can search directly in a live stream without needing to wait for the end of transmission. Our search engine and media hub treats live as it does archive.

Check out Live Asset Manager→

Simple plain text queries

You don't need to learn how to operate the search engine. Just write what you're looking for, and our intuitive engine will crawl through your library to find the exact match. We are error and plural tolerant. We also take synonyms into consideration.

Semantic engine

This is probably how you expect any search engine to work, and it frustrates you when it doesn't! Semantics make logical association between concepts, very much like a human does. The benefit is that everyone can search the way they want - and will succeed in finding what they need.

Multilingual Search

Want to search in English and find a match in another language?
It's possible with our neural translation in 100+ languages. 

Data modeling & custom filters

You decide what filters appear on your search result page, and it directly correlates with the data model you choose to implement.

Thesaurus & Taxonomy

Level up your keyword list and build a robust knowledge base. Our Thesaurus enables the true power of semantic technology, and gives you the foundation to build the vocabulary that's unique to your organization.

Find that needle instantly

Find that needle instantly


Smart Collections

Automate smart collections with a simple search query.
All matching content will be sorted automatically. 

Speed up your workflows with our range of integrations.
Check out our integrations

Why is search so important?

Your media library is ever-growing and traditional, tree-based sorting isn't going to allow you to preserve your content in the long run. This is why media asset discovery, video searchability, and search powered by semantics is central to our media asset management philosophy.

Your success matters to us

When adopting Newsbridge, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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