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Just Index

Scale your indexing and archiving tasks with Newsbridge's Multimodal AI.
Our metadata is portable to enrich your current MAM.

Index everything in no time thanks to Multimodal AI.

Our Just Index solution lets you supercharge your indexing workflows with game-changing AI technology. Your ever-growing media library will be fully searchable, and you'll free up time to focus on other tasks.

Customer STORIES

“Newsbridge provides us with a fast and efficient means of tagging our content and managing our thesaurus in both English and Arabic. The user interface enables us to easily train the AI to detect and recognize people, whilst the transcription and translation performs to a good degree of accuracy. The data is easily exchanged between Newsbridge and our MAM system, which results in smooth and operational workflows.”

Kathey Battrick, Senior Manager of Media & Library, Asharq News

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Why is our AI "Multimodal"?

Because it more closely replicates the human mind, by detecting and merging several data sources.
Multimodal AI is automatic indexing that creates real value for your business.

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Transcription & Neural Translation in 100+ languages

Transcription is key to video indexing and searchability. Did you know a human takes 8 hours to transcribe 1 hour of content that an AI can do in seconds? Automating this task with AI means your team can focus on higher-value activities. And don’t let language barriers hold you back when working with global content - translate your original video transcription from hundreds of languages in near real-time.

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People, scenes, text & logo

Our Multimodal AI detects with exact timestamps:
- People: public figures or from your own thesaurus.
- Scenes: objects, actions and landmarks.
- Text (OCR, Optical Character Recognition).
- Logos or patterns.
Our dedicated team of AI researchers are continuously improving its indexing capabilities.

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Automated & manual annotations

Enrich your media assets with manual annotations, or automate indexing routines to add chosen labels (eg. #vox-pop can be added to your media timestamp every time the AI detects a street and a microphone). We call these multimodal rules, and they can be easily defined by you on the Newsbridge platform.

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Customizable integration workflows

Metadata is sent to your MAM, DAM or library, based on how you and your team like to work. You can customize roles, permissions and validation processes to align with your existing workflows.

No-code AI training

We detect over half a million public figures, and you can easily train Newsbridge's AI
to recognize your key personalities with our thesaurus feature.

Your dataset is private and always will be.

Make your videos searchable

We make AI indexing truly work
for video, at scale

Our technology is designed to index large amounts of video files with great accuracy. Of course, we can index radio and podcasts, photos and PDFs too!

Thesaurus retrieval & taxonomy management

Make sure the AI speaks the same language as your business.

With our solution, you can retrieve and build on your existing tree-based data model. The thesaurus feature, on top of being very user-friendly, allows you to attach wikidata concepts to your semantic entities.

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Portable metadata

With our Just Index solution, all the metadata extracted by our AI is sent to your third party library and/or OTT platform (Youtube, Dailymotion etc.) to boost the discoverability of your content.

We integrate with media asset management and OTT platforms.
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The "Just Index" flow

We analyse media files (proxy or original) from your
on-prem or third party cloud storage provider. The media asset is then processed and enriched by our Multimodal AI. If you wish to, you can review the AI output, edit and/or validate it. The metadata is then sent via a sidecar file to your MAM or OTT channel. Et voilà!

Your success matters to us

When adopting Newsbridge, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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