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Introducing Boolean Search: Boosting Media Searchability
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Introducing Boolean Search: Boosting Media Searchability

Newsbridge Content Team        
June 3, 2022

Newsbridge introduces Boolean Operators to enhance your search experience.

The Newsbridge product team recently set themselves the challenge of finding a more practical way to optimize and improve media searchability. They came up with boolean operators: AND, OR and EXCLUDE.

These operators allow users to extract more relevant data when searching for precise people, labels or keywords. They work as conjunctions and eliminate inappropriate results from your search.

Thanks to this new feature, Newsbridge’s search engine can now address your needs more accurately.

But how does it work?

AND operator:

The AND operator allows you to add two or more labels to the search bar and therefore, find the media in which all the labels have been detected, while complying with your other search parameters.

Use this operator by simply adding several labels to your search, just like in the following example.

OR operator:

Following the same logic, the OR operator returns all the media that contain any of the search labels. To use this feature, drag and drop the right-side label on top of the one on the left, like in the example below.

EXCLUDE operator:

Double click on a label to exclude it from the search. The excluded label will appear crossed out. This means your search results include all the assets in which this label does not appear.

Easy as pie!

Bear in mind that you can use several operators at the same time to fine-tune your search results.

We hope you enjoy this release and the enhanced search possibilities.

Happy searching! 🚀

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