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Media Marketplace

Generate new revenue streams with your media collections.

Turn minutes of video footage into thousands in revenue.

The Media Marketplace is a white label solution that allows you to showcase your media assets to external buyers. It helps you generate new revenue streams for your organization.

Customer STORIES

“The Media Marketplace opens new opportunities for us to sell our match highlights to benefit the entire league."

Stefán Gunnarsson, Commercial & Marketing Director
Icelandic Football Federation

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Your media collections - open for business

With your media asset collections available online,
invited external buyers can search, view then clip & collect what they need.

Effortless collections with AI 

Create collections of media assets in seconds by indexing all your content with AI. Smart folders set up with search parameters will auto-update when new, matching media is ingested. All you need to do is set a cover image and choose where to promote the collection on your marketplace homepage. Easy!

How does AI indexing work?→

Your branded platform

Make the Newsbridge Media Marketplace your own! When you log in to the platform you should feel at home, and ready to welcome your customers. The Media Marketplace offers an array of customizable options, including URL, logo, homepage hero banner and login landing page.

Built-in security

From data flows to content protocols, all data exchanges on the Media Marketplace are encrypted, giving you and your buyers complete peace of mind. Choose to enable delegated authentication and automatic watermarks on your content to prevent unauthorized media use.

No commissions

You should be able to sell your media assets without an intermediary, that's our philosophy. And it's why we don't charge commissions on your sales. Our business model is based on a licence and transcoding fee.

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Clip & Collect

The experience that media buyers want.

They can preview your media in full and request a quote for specific clips.
Then, they simply collect the files in their preferred format.

Your media ROI booster

Your media ROI booster

You're sitting on a gold mine

We don't call them "media assets" for no reason. Your media is often an under-estimated part of your organization's resources. Opening a Media Marketplace to scale your content licensing operations will help you to boost your media ROI, and generate new revenue streams.

We are just getting started

Additional features are on the way, including new payment and invoicing integrations.
The rest is a secret for now... unless you ask nicely 👇

What's on your roadmap, please?

Media Hub to Marketplace

The Media Marketplace solution is available to anyone with a Newsbridge Media Hub subscription. Choose which collections or content assets you wish to showcase in the Media Marketplace from your Media Hub. You only pay for storage once, no matter how many times an asset appears across collections in the hub, or in the marketplace.

Your success matters to us

When you choose Newsbridge, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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