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Cloud Workspace

The future of media management is already here.

A place to collaborate, work with
and share your media assets
from any location.

Is your team struggling to access, find and share the content they work with everyday? A cloud workspace is the solution to centralize everything your team needs on a single platform, accessible in seconds via web browser.

Secured access from the browser

We take the security of your media assets very seriously. With Newsbridge, your assets are fully encrypted and protected - they can't be accessed and/or downloaded by individuals without authentication.

Invite collaborators & partners

Easily collaborate with your team members and/or external partners. You can define roles and permissions for individuals or organizations based on your needs. Then simply invite them to join your online workspace.

Made for pro formats

Ingest photos, videos, audio and PDF files easily into your workspace. This can be done through drag & drop, bulk upload, live stream recording of an on-field or on-rack device, or even via a configured trigger from another entry point in your ecosystem. With Newsbridge, no heavy transcoding is needed on advanced HD and UHD pro video industry formats.

Check out the formats we support

Integrates with your ecosystem

Newsbridge integrates with many other company platforms to eliminate as much friction in your workflow as possible. From SSO authentication to live tools, editing stations, OTT platforms, storage providers and more.
Your cloud workspace will be well connected to your
tool stack.

Explore our integrations

Accessible on the go

Log in to your workspace from your phone, via web browser or the mobile app.

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The future of work is already here

Media management

Stay organized with our event-based dashboard and Smart Collection folders. Our search engine was specifically designed for you to find the content you're looking for in less than 2 seconds.

Our built-in video tools include:

  • Clipping tools
  • Advanced Video Player
  • Automatic transcription and Speech-To-Cut
  • MXT-1 powered indexing tools
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Easily transcode, export and deliver your files


Photo Editor

Manage photo formats without leaving your workspace.

Customer STORIES

“We needed a centralized and intuitive platform in the cloud to bring more autonomy to our collaborators. Newsbridge made that possible.”

Yves Bouillon, Media Factory Deputy Director, TF1 Group

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Subtitle Editor

Manage subtitles directly from your media hub workspace.

Our range of integrations make Newsbridge easy to adopt.
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What about storage?

We create and store proxies of all your media so that it's instantly accessible in your workspace. You are in full control of where your original files are stored.

Check all storage options

Your success matters to us

When adopting Newsbridge, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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