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Newsbridge's integration with


Use Newsbridge’s market leading AI indexing technology to enrich your audiovisual media assets before sending them back to your NINA Content platform.

About NINA 

NINA Content is a media asset management platform that helps you take control of your asset lifecycle, managing your content from wherever you are.

Benefits of our Integration with NINA

Enrich your assets with leading AI

Benefit from Newsbridge's award-winning AI indexing technology. MXT-1 understands and describes your media assets just like a human, setting it apart from generic AI services. It mimics the human brain, comprehending context and avoiding excessive metadata tagging. The result? Only the most pertinent information is added and indexed, optimizing the searchability of your media. 

Keep your existing infrastructure

Switching your media asset management tool might not be on your radar right now. That's why our Just Index solution, along with third-party MAM integrations, allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Stick with your current MAM while tapping into market-leading AI indexation.

Cloud based experience

Access both Newsbridge and NINA Content from any location with internet connectivity, fostering flexible remote work and collaboration. Newsbridge’s AI solutions are also deployed on the cloud, meaning you’ll never have to wait to benefit from updates and improvements.

Ensure consistency across your media

Our integration is a two-way relationship, meaning any updates made to the original media asset in NINA, such as copyright clearance, can be synced with any file you decide to store in Newsbridge. 

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