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easylive.io x Newsbridge integration
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easylive.io x Newsbridge integration

Newsbridge Content Team        
February 25, 2022

Newsbridge can now receive live streams directly from easylive.io cloud-based video studio.

Newsbridge can now automatically receive live streams from easylive.io cloud based video studio. Users can then clip highlights, auto-index and archive the live assets via Multimodal AI.

We sat down with Alexis Fortier, Sales Director at easylive.io to talk about our collaboration.

Alexis Fortier, Sales Director at easylive.io

Can you tell us a little bit about you, when did you join easylive.io?

I am Alexis Fortier, Sales Director at easylive.io. I’ve been working in the company since 2015. I joined the company to accelerate its development in France. We work as much with the Sports/eSports, media and corporate sectors.

What is easylive.io’s main asset?

Easylive.io provides a 100% cloud-based video studio that allows its customers to produce high quality live events (mixing cameras, graphics, vod, remote ingests, etc.) and broadcast them everywhere simultaneously.

We also manage close-captioning, multi-languages, clipping and Fanwall.

How did you hear about Newsbridge ?

A technical partner recommended Newsbridge for the complementarity that exists between our two solutions. Our two companies having a similar mindset on open integrations, we strongly felt that a collaboration could be a win-win situation for our joint clients.

How can our combined technologies provide additional benefits to clients producing in the cloud?

Our integration provides a true cloud SaaS Production workflow.

Our common customers are using easylive.io to publish fully customized live video streams to Newsbridge. The process can be automated or done manually depending on each client’s unique use cases. easylive.io studio brings on a real added value for the production teams to create professional lives with graphics, mixing ingests…

Can you tell us who’s using easylive.io x Newsbridge’s integration?

To name a few, our seamless integration is currently being used by Le Parisien’s video department, Reed Midem becomes RX France and the French Rugby Federation (FFR).

Thanks Alexis!

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