Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat. It is located near the crest of the Andes in southwest Bolivia.

Once a year, thanks to a meteorological phenomena, a thin layer of water is covering this mystical and inhospital place. Despite being ephemeral, the water should be just shallow enough to allow kitesurfing.

This is the challenge taken up by the Wayra Expedition Team, sponsored by Mr Nicolas Hulot.

Along the way, Director Julien Mabileau took breathtaking pictures of these two kite surfers riding the multifaceted “Mirror of God”.

Truth is, beyond this challenge, this expedition is delivering another message: this thin layer of water is as ephemeral as this desert could be – if further lithium exploitations keeps going on.


In addition to a full documentary, the production team also had to deliver  short  videos to social networks from one of the world’s most isolated location.

This is the challenge Newsbridge was asked for. Besides its publishing workflow, the platform integrates transfer accelerations features based on an optimized network infrastructure.

Mabileau : “We were really surprised to see our medias getting published in the right format, only after a few seconds the transmission was over – from the middle of the desert !”

On this ten-days journey, more than 25 hours of rush had been recorded by a UHD multicam setup, carefully considered in order to adapt to these hostile conditions.  (Sony FS5, DJI Drone, Alpha 7s, Gopro).

The first part of the documentary was broadcasted on French TV Channel France O, in the program “Riding Zone”.