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Our packages are licence-based with a pay-as-you-go model.
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Just Index

Run Multimodal AI Indexing on your
content and extract all metadata.

Pay per hour of video analyzed
or tiers of 1000 photos.
Live Asset Manager
Starts at

USD $1,110/month

  • 10 users
  • Live Schedule
  • Flash Storage
  • Live & Editing integrations
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Media Hub
Starts at

USD $2,110/month

  • 30 users
  • Live Schedule
  • Flash, Standard, Cold & Cold+ Storage
  • All integrations
  • Optional: Bring Your Own Storage
  • Optional: Media Marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions

What about storage, and egress costs?

We can help you store your original files in the cloud, or you can Bring Your Own Storage (cloud or on-prem). A percentage of egress is always included by default in our prices. If you are wondering about storage and egress costs, it's best to get in touch for a quote so we can provide you with exact numbers tailored to your needs.

Will I get your full AI capabilities by default?

Our AI-generated transcription and translation comes as standard. Then you pick what's relevant for you based on your needs and budget. Visit our Multimodal AI Indexing page to learn about our capabilities.

I don't need a new MAM, just a better indexing solution. Can Newsbridge help me?

Check out ourJust Index solution which was specifically designed for your needs.

I'm just interested in the Media Marketplace, how does it work?

You'll need to purchase a Media Hub package with the Media Marketplace option. The Media Hub serves as the Media Marketplace's back-office, so you need one to operate the other. 

Where is the data stored?

We have different data storage options ranging from cloud object storage in the datacenter of your choice, to on-prem storage solutions that are compliant with our system. Visit our Storage page to learn more, or get in touch!

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