M6 Group was looking for a partner capable of helping the company processing increasing amounts of information and expand its video service.  Newsbridge successfully responded to this need with its real-time cognitive indexing solution and seamless integration into the M6 Group environment.

Newsbridge’s cognitive indexing solution uses artificial intelligence mechanisms to extend and improve the indexing capacity by detecting everything that is relevant in medias (people, speech to text, context…). Once indexed, the videos can be used internally by the M6 Group editorial staff. The M6 Group also uses this feature to sell rush stock video footage, master video excerpts and even complete international programs externally through its B2B  M6 Video Bank Portal. Content enrichment is therefore of vital importance to the group.  Alexis Bureau from M6 Group explains, “With the exponential growth of media information to be processed,  all non-indexed content is lost or underutilized. Newsbridge’s solution allows us to automate the indexing of the people in a video and to transcribe the entire audio into text”. Newsbridge’s indexing features enable M6 Group to generate new revenue by enhancing and improving the referencing and accessibility to its content.

To ensure a proper integration of the platform into the existing M6 environment, Newsbridge teams have been working with Avid in order to reach a perfect interoperability between the two solutions. M6 Group editorial teams can now use the M6 Group AVID Interplay Media Asset Management archiving system to send a media file and its metadata (text, GPS coordinates, mission name, etc.) to the Newsbridge platform for multimodal analysis and real-time indexing. Once a video is fully indexed, it gains value and can be sent to M6 Video Bank

Ultimately, the benefits of working with Newsbridge are twofold for the M6 Group: savings on production costs on one hand and the generation of new income on the other hand. Through this partnership, the two companies are working together to create an media indexing model, using the power of cognitive technologies. This is a real first in the world of media.


About the M6 Group

Established in 1987 around the M6 channel, the M6 Group is a powerful multimedia group, offering a wide range of programs, products and services.  Television (8 channels, including M6), radio (3 stations, including RTL, France’s top radio station) as well as the production and acquisition of content, digital media, e-commerce, movies, music, shows… With its brands and content, the M6 Group has gradually expanded its activities through targeted diversification and innovative offerings such as 6play, its digital platform launched in 2013 (25 million registered users and 1.4 billion videos viewed in 2018). Its objective: to develop the complementarity of its brands in order to meet the expectations of its different audiences and their new media consumption patterns. For more information: groupem6.fr