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Newsbridge's integration with


Streamline your workflow by directly uploading video assets in your Newsbridge Media Hub to YouTube.

Centralize, index, sort and collaborate on Newsbridge before sharing your content with the world on YouTube!

Faster publishing time

There’s no need to download, transcode and re-upload files, Newsbridge handles the whole process in just a few clicks.

Simply select the files or clips that you want to publish and hit “Send to YouTube.” The content will be viewable on your channel shortly after upload, or you can choose to send content to YouTube in “private” mode before manually publishing it.

You can even live clip a video stream, or set new content to automatically publish to YouTube every time it’s ingested into a specified event in Newsbridge.

The power of enriched metadata

Make your content appear for more audiences in search with our YouTube integration! When you publish from your Newsbridge Media Hub to YouTube, all the glorious metadata applied to your video is carried over, boosting its discoverability both in YouTube and Google search results.

Contact our support team to activate the YouTube integration in your workspace.

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