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Stats Perform

Newsbridge's integration with

Stats Perform

Turbocharge your live and archived sports highlights with the powerful combination of Newsbridge Multimodal Indexing AI, and Stats Perform.

Sports data retrieved from Stats Perform is synchronized with your content assets in the Newsbridge Media Hub, so you can immediately clip and share all the match moments that matter.

Enrichment of live and archive assets

Whether it's live streams accompanied by statistical streams or archived media, Newsbridge automatically retrieves Stats Perform data and applies Multimodal Indexing AI to detect people, objects, logos, context and speech. Timestamp synchronization and our built-in semantic search engine lets you quickly scan for game highlights with ease  - from goals and attempts to yellow cards, even as specific as all left-footed goals from a specific player in a certain time period.

Go straight to the moment

With the powerful combination of Newsbridge Multimodal Indexing AI and Stats Perform, you can cross-search by various facets such as competition, event types, time period, players etc and create personalized Collections which update automatically when new content matching your search parameters is ingested.

Newsbridge supports several live protocols: RTMP, TS, SRT, Aviwest and LiveU. We can connect to your existing Stats Perform subscriptions, or arrange a Stats Perform license.

*The sporting events and volume we can retrieve depends on the Stats Perform subscription commercial offer/license.

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