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Object Matrix

Newsbridge's integration with

Object Matrix

Produce more content faster through the seamless integration between MatrixStore and Newsbridge. Upload, scan, index and then monetize your content quickly and efficiently.

Speed up production workflows

Use Object Matrix’s MatrixStore cloud solution to upload new assets or scan existing archives, be they on-prem, hybrid or cloud-native. Then create rich metadata using Newsbridge’s powerful AI tools and aggregated Collections - ever-growing folders of content triggered by various modes of detection: face, logo, speech-to-text, objects etc. Newsbridge can create and use proxies of your original assets that are stored securely on Matrixstore. This ensures your production workflows are faster than ever.

Monetize old archives

Turn even the oldest archive into monetizable content. Invite buyers to Clip & Collect your media assets and generate revenue through Newsbridge’s Media Marketplace. After finding a relevant sequence in your Collections, buyers can clip and add it to their cart. Once their request is validated on your end, they will automatically receive a link to download their chosen clips in the desired format.

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