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Bee propelled by Kinow

Newsbridge's integration with

Bee propelled by Kinow

Engage with your audience almost instantly and save precious time-to-market with our end-to-end cloud video management and OTT solution.

Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI Indexing produces rich content metadata to amplify your viewers’ experience - through Bee propelled by Kinow!

A turnkey workflow

Import live, rush and archive media assets to the Newsbridge Media Hub with its automatic transcription, translation, Multimodal AI-powered indexing, subtitling, video clipping tools and real-time collaboration.

Your indexed content is then shared to the Bee propelled by Kinow streaming solution, where you can live stream to your audience or make videos available on-demand.

Unlock more revenue opportunities

Tap into the power of metadata-rich content! Increased targeting and video personalization through Newsbridge gives your streaming platform the competitive edge. Achieve higher audience engagement and ultimately, more revenue.

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