During the International Handball World Men Championship, Newsbridge was asked by La Fourmi agency, adidas and the Organization Committee to deploy a cloud newsroom, with the following features :

  1. Centralize all the media produced and gathered during the event, accross each arena in France, whether it is from official photographers, host broadcaster or video journalists on the field.
  2. Share these contents across officials, press agencies and sponsors
  3. Deliver complete game footage to each national team technical manager
  4. For sponsors, having near-live interactions with their audience

Thanks to Newsbridge’s stream processing technology and smart user-centered interfaces, the cloud newsroom teams could produce content in a very efficient and unprecedented reactive manner.

Well before the end of each game, the content production teams could start working on their assets and sharing them with the public, press or partners.

This reactivity opened the way to new kinds of content production.

adidas has made a perfect example publishing clips that were edited and post-produced right after each action in the game. Using feeds from Beinsport made available through Newsbridge, creative teams could start producing content as the game was still going on.

Such reactivity was made possible using Newsbridge’s core technology: A 100% stream-based processing engine, for both file and live content. In other words, processing steps (Analyzing, Quality Control, Encoding…) are not done sequentially, but run simultaneously, in parallel.

During the whole event, more than 150 users across dozen different organizations have live-produced more than 200 hours of video and over 200.000 photos.


? In October 2017, Adidas and La Fourmi won a Gold TopCom award for this campaign during this event.