France Télévisions Overview

France Télévisions is the official French national television broadcaster which oversees all public television activities from media production to diffusion. Developed from the joint integration of 2 public channels in 1992, the organization took on its current name in 2000. Today, the Group is composed of a multitude of top channels. At the same time, the company is also represented in the radio and online sphere.

France TV: Image Source.


In Fall 2017, France TV launched its first Start-Up Accelerator Program, co-managed by MediaLab and France TV’s Innovation Department. From the beginning, the program’s objective was to promote an exchange of expertise among innovative companies and France TV. With collaboration at its core, the accelerator program was on a mission to identify a promising startup that could add unprecedented value to the company’s Information Department.

Selection Process

Looking for its first partner in innovation, France TV created an internal jury to take the lead. After a thorough selection process, France TV selected Newsbridge to leverage its AI-based cognitive indexing services to help journalists develop new ways of producing, routing, sharing and qualifying content in an intuitive and collaborative way. At the same time, this collaboration would lead to employees saving hours of time by extracting relevant content in a short period of time using cognitive video indexing.

France TV training session with Newsbridge team.


Specifically, to directly address France Television’s need of helping journalists better manage and more quickly access content, Newsbridge presented the first version of the video indexing cognitive AI technology to a selected audience. This group included journalists, reporters, editors and documentalists. Newsbridge’s cognitive AI solution was able to drastically speed up derushing and archiving tasks while also creating new ways to browse, sort and search through hours of video content. The technology leveraged includes: facial recognition, object, scene recognition and audio transcription. These components, matched with recognized semantic contexts, are then able to deliver immediate access to search-specified content.

“The amount of material we shoot everyday is now so huge that it’s no longer possible for a human being to watch everything.”

Christophe de Vallambras, journalist and international reporter at France Télévisions.

Working in collaboration with Newsbridge, France TV was able to create their video pre-indexing solution.

Over a series of training sessions and workshops, the Newsbridge Product Team worked with users for feature improvement and assistance with specific tasks. The video pre-indexing was activated to every incoming live feed, strongly boosting content awareness and expediting the editing process. For a more detailed overview, take a look at the video below:


In conclusion, by working together as partners in innovation, France TV was able to centralize and analyze all of its content in real-time, using the Newsbridge-powered cloud platform. By developing user-centric interfaces along with a semantic search engine suited for story-telling and investigation use cases, Newsbridge was able to successfully carry out France TV’s first Sandbox Accelerator Program initiative. Now, journalists are able to quickly extract relevant sequences among thousands of hours of video.

But it doesn’t end there. Due to the overwhelming success of the partnership, France TV recently received an award with MediaRoad for Most Innovative Media. Similarly, Newsbridge received first prize with Sandbox Hub for its video-indexing solution. Both awards were given at the IBC 2019 event in Amsterdam.

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