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Index at scale with

Multimodal AI Indexing

Automatically detect people, objects, logos, context and speech among hours of uploaded audiovisual content. 

Our AI detects and merges several data sources to index what matters
in your media assets.

Enhance the value of your media assets, making them searchable, reusable and resellable thanks to Newsbridge's Multimodal AI Indexing.

Auto-detection of people, logos, objects, speech & more

Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI processes audiovisual content like Big Data. Using a cross-referencing structure, our AI detects multiple entities (people, logos, objects, speech, context etc.) in near real-time, pulling metadata from various sources. With a built-in confidence score, Newsbridge provides one of the most advanced detection technologies on the market, saving teams time and money.

Automatic video transcription & translation

Newsbridge automatically transcribes your videos in 100+ languages. Our Speech-To-Text technology indexes your media assets, making them completely searchable within your database (simply search for spoken words or key phrases). Neural Network Translation is also available, so you can search in your mother tongue and retrieve results for specific media in another language.

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Thesaurus & taxonomy

Deeper learning leads to more accurate results. Here at Newsbridge we understand that our AI needs to meet your custom requirements, which is why we have a built-in knowledge graph for you and your team to self-train (by identifying key people, objects or actions). Simply import and sync your existing thesaurus to extend your collective intelligence, using a user-friendly interface.

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Eliminate false positives

Powerful and high-quality automatic indexing requires a multimodal approach. As our underlying technology at Newsbridge, Multimodal AI helps eliminate false positives by cross-analyzing all media sources (audio, images, metadata…), meaning your team can focus on more specialized editorial tasks.

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Mass-indexing made for video,
but that's not all

Upon upload, your videos are automatically enriched
with time-stamped cognitive metadata, which is extremely powerful for videos.

But of course, our Multimodal AI Indexing technology
also works on photos, audio and PDF files.

Your archiving super power

What's the Multimodal AI Indexing mix?

  • People Detection
  • Speech-To-Text and Neural Translation
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Logo or Pattern Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Scene Context Detection
  • Date and Location
  • Wikidata
  • External data feeds

No-code AI training

We detect over half a million public figures, and you can easily train Newsbridge's AI to recognize your key personalities with our thesaurus feature.

Your dataset is private and always will be.

Create your own rules

Our "no-code" approach doesn't stop with AI training. We allow you to easily create indexing routines by setting multimodal rules that match your specific use cases. For example, anytime we detect a street scene, an unknown person and a mic you can automate the labelling of the clip #voxpop. The possibilities are endless!

Portable & multilingual metadata

All the metadata extracted by our AI can be sent to a third party library or OTT platform to boost the discoverability of your content.

It can also be generated in several languages because if your organization is bilingual, then your metadata should be too.


Next-gen speaker diarization

To reach the next level of quality with speech-To-text technology,
we need to push the boundaries of speaker diarization.

Basically, we are making it work in the wild.

Customer STORIES

“Our team used to take an entire work day to index a single episode of Top Chef. With Newsbridge we do a full season in that time.”

Martine Carouge, Archives & Content Rights Director, M6 Group

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Indexing at scale

Because we are a native cloud platform, we can process thousands of hours of video in parallel, which makes mass-indexing a reality for your team. Newsbridge is your archiving super power.

Your success matters to us

When adopting Newsbridge, a dedicated customer success manager will help you get the most out of your platform. We take pride in our responsiveness, and you can easily reach us via an embedded chat or WhatsApp.

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