Smart Broadcast Contribution in the Cloud

  • Plug your device your workflow
  • Connect Newsbridge to your NRCS
  • Add unlimited inputs to your system
  • Ingest live or file-based assets
  • Add notifications to your mediaflow
  • No hardware or app required

Live Clipping and Sharing

  • 100% Browser Based Live Clipping. You don’t need any specific software nor hardware
  • Live clip and edit while shooting
  • Frame-accurate clipping
  • Let our AI help you highlighting relevant content
  • Download your clip right away in the right format

Automatic Media Indexation

  • Leverage your camera metadata
  • Find assets using a semantic search engine
  • Use AI to detect scenes, object and people in live or file-based contributions

Real Time Broadcast Cloud Processing

  • No hardware or software required
  • Broadcast transcoding in the cloud
  • Growing file processing
  • Save costs: only pay for what you process