Evian Championship partnered with Newsbridge to increase its social media engagement. Using Newsbridge’s live clipping, the Evian Championship team was able to share video highlights in real time to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Highlights were produced real time using Newsbridge’s Live Clipping feature. To achieve this, the platform was plugged to the international signal that was also provided to TV Channels and Network in parallel. Several times a day, a motion designer went online, extracted a multiple sequences and added 3D effects rendering to create mini-featurette, widely inspired from internet “memes”.



Once shared on social medias, these clips raised over 7 times more audience and engagement than other social publications made during the tournament.

Benjamin Tur, Communication Officer @Danone: “Working with Newsbridge was very smooth and efficient. The ingest and live clipping from the world feed into the platform was seamless. ”

To accelerate processing and secure publishing Newsbridge also provided a transmission solution that used agregated  mobile data networks.