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Customer story

FFF Partners with Newsbridge for its Media Hub & Media Marketplace

Newsbridge Content Team        
May 4, 2022

FFF is future-proofing its media asset management and commercialization with Newsbridge AI-powered solutions

FFF Overview

Founded in 1919, the French Federation of Football (FFF) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the game in France, both professional and amateur. As a founding member of UEFA and FIFA, the federation is a non-profit organization that organizes, supervises and regulates the practice of grassroots and elite football, as well as its financing and the training of players and coaches throughout the country. Headquartered in Paris, the FFF has 2 million members, 1.9 million players, 400,000 volunteers and 15,000 amateur clubs.

Challenge & Context

With more than 30,000 games every weekend, two-time world championship winners the FFF must manage a daily influx of audiovisual content. This content equates to at least 2,000 hours of video and 60,000 photos per year, not to mention thousands of hours of archived media assets.

The FFF began its digital transformation in 2013 to meet internal and external demands, and developed an archive sales service. This has resulted in extensive digitization plans and the implementation of Media Asset Management (MAM).

In 2020, to continue its development and increase its digital transformation strategy, the media rights and video production department began to search for a cloud based MAM and archive recovery solution, tendering for proposals from several industry players. The tender specified easy access, searchability and the ability to commercialize content. This translated into a need for scaling indexing tasks with AI, providing remote access to content to simplify internal and external collaboration, and a platform for content monetization.

FFF's media hub and media marketplace powered by Newsbridge
FFF’s Newsbridge Media Hub and Media Marketplace

The Newsbridge Solution

The FFF chose Newsbridge as its official partner and in the spring of 2021, the Newsbridge solution was deployed for large-scale indexing via Multimodal AI, including:

  • Automatic transcription,
  • Face detection,
  • Automatic sorting of content via the Collections feature,
  • Live ingest of various national championships (D1 Arkema, National, D1 Futsal).

The FFF’s archive project involved recovering more than 80Tb of video content and 2Tb of photos. A customized connector was developed to transfer content from Opsomai on-prem LTO tape storage to Newsbridge’s cloud service. The big dataset of media is now securely stored in the cloud, with an automated mirror back-up S3 bucket.

Newsbridge’s Multimodal AI was trained to recognize a dataset of over 3,000 key personalities, including male and female players, key stakeholders and staff members from the past 100 years. We also matched more than 12,000 players with their wikidata identifier, making the data more semantic than ever.

Frederic Petitpont, Newsbridge Co-Founder & CTO explains,

Using such universal identifiers is a strong principle at Newsbridge, as it future-proofs the data and guarantees interoperability with other systems in Web 3.0.”

The highly customizable solution allowed the FFF’s archivists to create their own data model and cater the search filtering experience to their exact use cases.

Petitpont continued,

“We are proud to be working with one of the largest sports federations in Europe as they lead the way in digital transformation and content management. Together we’re building a unique and universal graph-based data model that will allow the FFF to preserve its media asset collections and its associated value, forever.”

The FFF was also able to customize its Newsbridge workspace to reflect its brand identity. Over 1,500 journalists, sponsors, content buyers, pro and amateur teams and service providers were invited to the platform to access the FFF media library.

FFF’s Media Hub – How It Works

FFF’s workflow with Newsbridge
FFF’s workflow with Newsbridge

The Federation ingests more than 100 hours of video content and 5,000 photos every month including:

  • HD video game footage uploaded by production companies after broadcast.
  • Various rushes of training sessions, interviews and other key events.
  • Photos of the Federation’s external and internal events.

The FFF’s Newsbridge Media Hub has around 50 internal users from departments including Media Heritage, Marketing, Media Rights and Sponsorships. Even local clubs use Newsbridge on a daily basis to search through archived and fresh content to find, view, clip and collect the assets they need.

After downloading, media assets are ready for use immediately on FFF’s website and social media channels, or they can be reworked in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro.

FFF users can also publish content directly to YouTube from Newsbridge. Automated collections of assets are regularly created and made available to various partners and sponsors.

FFF x Newsbridge by the numbers

  • Media Asset Recovery of 83TB of video archives and 2TB of photos.
  • Multimodal AI was trained to recognize 3,000 key personalities.
  • Monthly ingest of about 160 hours of video and 5,000 photos.
  • 1,500 external users invited to the platform, including sponsors, journalists, pro clubs, media buyers and service providers.
  • 50 internal users across multiple departments.

About FFF

The French Football Federation (FFF) is the governing body of football in France. It was formed in 1919 and is based in Paris, France. The FFF was a founding member of FIFA and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the game of football in France, both professional and amateur.

About Newsbridge

Newsbridge is a cloud media hub platform for live & archived content.

Powered by Multimodal Indexing AI and a data driven indexing approach, Newsbridge provides unprecedented access to content by automatically detecting faces, objects, logos, written texts, audio transcripts and semantic context.

Whether it be for managing and accessing live recordings, clipping highlights, future friendly archiving, content retrieval or content showcasing and monetization - the solution allows for smart & efficient media asset management.

Today our platform is used by worldwide TV Channels, Press Agencies, Sports Rights Holders, Production Houses, Journalists, Editors and Archivists to boost their production workflow and media ROI.