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🔍 Release Note: Nov. 2019
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🔍 Release Note: Nov. 2019

Newsbridge Content Team        
November 28, 2019

Newsbridge is continuously working hard to crush bugs and release new features. Here’s a summary of the improvements you’ll find in our latest release, and this one is a real treat.

Introducing Cognitive Search

Our new 🔍 cognitive search is live! 🎉 Searching for content is a central component of your experience and after collecting user feedback we were ready for a revamp.

Here are the key novelties coming your way:

1- Enhanced cognitive search: you can now use specific symbols to indicate what type of facet (mission, media, person, object, quote…) you wish to search for or in. This feature has evolved to be more versatile and adapt to most use cases.

Opened search bar, suggesting the use of symbols to refine the search query.

Use @ (at symbol) to search for a specific person (eg: @Barack Obama)

Use ” (quotation mark) to search for a quote (eg: “Brexit)

Type # (hashtag) to search for a detected label (eg: #Trophy)

Type M: to search in Missions with the chosen keyword (eg: M: WorldCup)

Use m: to search for media with the chosen keyword (eg: m: PSG)

Type a: to search in annotations with the chosen keyword (eg: a: whispers)

2– New auto-complete with clear suggestions according to your query.

Autocomplete Suggestions
Example of auto-complete suggestions matching an “obama” query

3– Better display of results.

Search Results
Improved search results layout

4Filter with a 🗓️ date range and/or pick only ✅ validated media.

What’s improved?

Finally, we added default rules when creating a mission to save you some time: the user is now by default set as the one creating the mission (you), and the end hour is now by default set 1 hour after the chosen starting time. 😌

We hope you’ll enjoy this new search experience. [Teaser] It is a first step to an even more exciting feature which we will be releasing soon 🍬

Watch this 3 min video tutorial!

In the meantime, if you have any feedback please send it our way!

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