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Newsbridge Deep-Tech R&D Wins i-Nov Innovation Contest Funding
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Newsbridge Deep-Tech R&D Wins i-Nov Innovation Contest Funding

Yannis Tevissen
AI Researcher
August 29, 2023

Our three-year, €2M project on Multimodal AI Perception is partially funded and supported by France through Bpifrance.

Newsbridge team members recently visited the iconic Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, and while we dressed up for the occasion, our purpose wasn’t to see an opera or ballet performance. We were there alongside some leading deep-tech French startups (Alice&Bob, Zaion, Giskard, and others), to receive our prize for winning the latest i-Nov Innovation Competition!

Four men, nicely dressed, looking and smiling at the camera. One is holding an award.
Celebrating the win, from left: Secretary General for Investment in charge of France 2030 Bruno Bonnell, Newsbridge’s Yannis Tevissen and Charles-Édouard Pezé, and Commissioner General for Sustainable Development Thomas Lesueur.

Part of the France 2030 Investment Plan, the i-Nov contest backs the most innovative R&D projects that work towards the energy transition. Newsbridge received €850,000 in funding to support our three-year, deep-tech research into Multimodal AI Perception.

Spearheading Research into Multimodal Perception

Newsbridge’s work on Multimodal AI Perception harnesses the power of early data fusion technologies to identify the moments that matter in video content, and enable lower emissions processing.

Our goal is to automate the detection of complex editorial content in vast multimedia archives. Multimodal Perception aims to use early data fusion and self-supervised learning to detect relevant moments.

Creating frugal artificial intelligence models is essential to making these new video understanding capabilities work at scale, at low cost and with low energy consumption. This technology we’re developing will also reduce the energy impact of content storage, by suggesting the deletion of irrelevant elements otherwise weighing on large organizations’ storage bills.

A man working at a desk in the Newsbridge office. Code is displayed on two computer screens in front of him.
Newsbridge’s dedicated R&D team is constantly working to push the boundaries of AI video understanding.

Bringing these AI indexing capabilities to life—as we have done with Multimodal and Generative AI MXT-1—takes dedicated in-house research and development, and we’re thrilled to have this support from France 2030 and Bpifrance to continue our work!

If you have any questions about Newsbridge’s technology, or our AI R&D projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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