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Newsbridge Launches New, Scalable Product Lineup
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Newsbridge Launches New, Scalable Product Lineup

Newsbridge Content Team        
September 10, 2022

The AI & Cloud Media experts have reorganized their offer into four distinct models to better meet the media asset management needs of Broadcasters and Sports Rights-Holders.

AI-powered cloud platform Newsbridge has launched its new, flexible product offering that uniquely supports the ingest, storage, management and monetization of both live and archive content.

The scalability of Newsbridge’s Media Hub means broadcasters and sports rights-holders don’t need to change their existing ecosystem in order to centralize, auto-index and work with their media assets in the cloud.

Newsbridge Co-Founder and CEO, Philippe Petitpont, said:

“Our previous solution focused on providing media asset collections for archives, or a media asset manager for working with live content. We identified that the market was really lacking a single cloud MAM with the ability to do both, that also integrates with existing broadcast, digital and hardware ecosystems.”
“Today’s live is tomorrow’s archive, and Newsbridge is leading the way in helping companies to speed up their production workflows, enhance collaboration and enrich and monetize their content. We’re pleased to be offering the missing piece of the puzzle with the Newsbridge Cloud Media Hub and all of its adaptable features.”

The new, modular product approach gives Newsbridge customers the flexibility to select the specific features that they need. These include:

  • Just Index - organizations can scale their indexing and archiving tasks with Newsbridge’s market-leading Multimodal AI. Portable metadata allows them to keep their current MAM.
  • Media Hub - a cloud-based platform on which to access, store, manage and share live and archived content, accessible from anywhere.
  • Live Asset Manager - users can schedule, capture and record hundreds of live streams in parallel, and view and clip the footage in real time right from their web browser.
  • Media Marketplace - turn minutes of video footage into thousands in revenue with this white label solution that allows media organizations and sports rights-holders to showcase their media assets to external buyers.

Petitpont explained:

“Media and sports organizations are increasingly under pressure to identify new revenue streams. By making their archived content searchable with Multimodal AI Indexing technology, they can find the ‘golden nuggets’ within their media assets, and make them available to purchase.”

Newsbridge’s clients include TF1, the French Federation of Football, Bayer Leverkusen, SWR - Germany’s Southwest Broadcasting, Asharq News and AFP - Agence France Presse.

The multi-tier Cloud Media Hub features are available to demo at IBC, Hall 7 Stand B09.

For more information please contact us here.

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