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Auto-index like a human would

with MXT-1

Instant access to live + archives

Media Hub & Live Asset Manager

Turn your archives into a business

Open your Media Marketplace

Boost your workflows

Seamless integrations

Future-proofing your
media assets

Newsbridge Solutions

All-In-One Workspace

Enrich your media assets with meaningful indexing metadata, thanks to MXT-1.

Once your metadata is generated and validated by your archivists, you can feed it into your ecosystem of tools, digital or on-prem. That's why we call this solution Just Index.

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Centralize, auto-index and work with your live and archived content in a cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere.

Newsbridge's Media Hub empowers teams to reduce average production times and improve collaboration.

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With Newsbridge's Live Asset Manager, you can schedule, capture and record hundreds of streams in parallel.

Accessible in real-time, you don't have to wait for the end of transmission to start collaborating on your stories.

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The Media Marketplace is a white label solution that lets you showcase your media assets to external buyers. It helps you generate new revenue streams for your organization.

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Cloud Workspace

Remote collaboration with your team & partners.


Automatically indexes your media assets like a human would.

Live Schedule

Capture your live streams and photos in real time.

Newsbridge Mobile App

Access the content that matters to you on the go.

Semantic Search Engine

Searching through petabytes of archives in milliseconds.

Thesaurus & Taxonomy

Built-in tools to easily train your AI to detect what matters to you.

Scale your workflows with our integrations.

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